I am Ogier BADI (freelance status or company with my little studio PIXTIM). I am a generalist in 3D visual production but I know very well the compositing (After Effect) and I have good bases in production for the real time (all my productions of assets are directed for the optimization related to the video game). You can contact me for :

_ Creation and animation of characters for the video game or for movies with  REALLUSION 3D softwares (specialist).
 CHARACTER CREATOR 3 and ICLONE allowing the creation and animation of humanoid characters, realistic or cartoons. These softwares allow an extremely simplified export to UNITY or UNREAL.
_ Creation of outfits, haircuts (LP or HP) or any 3D modelisation.
_ Artistic direction and production of show in video mapping (France). Near 40 written and produced shows (cathedral of Laon for 5 years, National Theater of Nice, Fabre Museum in Montpellier, Marseille City Hall for 3 years, etc.).  Contact me for reference and videos links.
_ Motion Design: Nearly 600 billboards, game modules and animated graphics for TV shows in my career.

My main tools:
_ Blender 2.8 (main addons: Hard Ops, Hair Tools)
_ Cinema 4D + X-particles (I went under Blender a year ago, but I'm still expert in its handling since it was my production software since version 6 and I was trainer on it)
_ Marvelous Designer
_ 3D Coat
_ Reallusion Iclone 7 and Character Creator 3
_ DAZ studio
_ Unity
_ Adobe (almost all their software but especially After Effect, Photoshop and Illustrator)
_ Painter
_ and more...

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