You can find my productions in different markets.
Some achievements are available in different markets, in different formats and with different options depending on the dedicated software.
I produce mainly for the Reallusion (Iclone and Character Creator 3) and Unity markets.
Complementary products add-ons, free or paid, may also be available at my Gumroad store.

Some Productions...

Collection of cartoon vehicles with a lot of animable parts. Available for Iclone and Unity. Available individually or in pack.

Collection of sportswear (26 elements) some of which equipped with morphs and physical dynamics.          Available individually or in pack.
My store of 3D models for Reallusion Iclone and Character Creator 3 : Clothing, haircut, accessories and differents type of objects. All elements are adapted to the reference characters of the Reallusion software. They will adapt to the morphology of the character you have created, small, tall, skinny, fat, realistic or cartoon style.
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